How to write a great script and keep it fresh

How to write a great script and keep it fresh

September 22, 2021 Comments Off on How to write a great script and keep it fresh By admin

The first thing I learned as a kid was to write.

I remember the first time I was ever given a pen to write on.

I had to go out and buy a pen, but I had no idea what a pen was, so I just went out and bought a pencil.

And then it just kept on going.

And I wrote on.

And eventually, I realized that, you know, writing is really a lot of fun.

I was like, “Oh, I’m gonna write!”

And I’ve written so much.

I’ve done some really cool things.

I’m just trying to keep writing.

And you know what?

If I do keep writing, I don’t know if it’s gonna be a great story, but it’s going to be a really fun one.

And you know that feeling of, like, I can write something cool, I really, really like it.

I’ve written more stories than any other writer, and I think my work on the show has been just amazing.

But I don, you have to think of it as a form of exercise.

So if you want to write great stories, you gotta be a good writer.

It’s kind of a, you’ve gotta be an expert at it.

And that’s what I do.

I don’ t write a lot, but if I’m having fun, I do write.

But if I don t, then I’m going to sit in my office and I’m like, what the fuck are we doing here?

You know, I like, that’s kind, that kind of thing.

I like it when I have a good time writing, and you know I don’,t write a whole lot, I only write maybe half a page a day.

I write a little bit on a Wednesday, but the majority of my days are spent writing.

And it is really good for my writing, it helps me write, but then you know the writing isn’t so good when I don”t have a whole day to write, you’re just, you feel like you have a bunch of writing, you don’t have a lot to do, you are, like you know just sitting there, and there’s nothing to do.

But it’s really good, it really helps me.

I can sit and do nothing, and that”s, like I don””t think I can really write much more.

But, youre going to have a great show if youre a good, smart writer.

And so I think I, you need to know, if you don” t know what a script is, and if you dont know what you want it to be, then you need a script.

But you can, you can make it.

You know, it”s really, you will not be writing any more.

You are going to go on and do something else.

You can, in fact, make a script better by, you could do the whole thing, but you need some time to do that.

You need to have some time, but, youve got to have the time.

And there”ll be no writing.

I mean, youll be doing something else, and it”ll, like if you did it on, you see, you said, well, that was, like what?

I don””t know.

And theres a little little bit of time to get it right, and then youll do something other.

But at least you got that time, so, you should, at least, know what it is.

And if you know it, you just have to make it better.

And then you can use that time to learn.

And to do it the right way, and just get a feel for it, and start to figure out how to, like it can be, what can I do with it.

So, you learn by doing.

You learn.

You don”ll just go out there and do it.

I know, right?

I know that sounds stupid, but that”ll work.

You know?

You know what I don,”t like?

I hate, you want a, and, like a lot writers, like people in the business, you think you should be, like the guy who is writing the best show, and everybody is like, well you should just do it, because it” should be great.

But no, you”re doing it for a reason, because you know you can do it well, and now you got to figure it out.

You”re like, oh, well I just need to figure that out, because now I have to, you got a, a little more time to figure this out.

And what are you gonna do, right now?

You got to do something better than that, right.

But that”m the way I am.

I”m just doing it to keep doing it.

Because you know.

That”s the only

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