5 ways to make more sense of a Reddit post

5 ways to make more sense of a Reddit post

September 1, 2021 Comments Off on 5 ways to make more sense of a Reddit post By admin

People who have posted on the subreddit r/India have had a hard time understanding why people on the platform are so keen on sharing information on social media and how they use it.

A recent post on r/india , a popular social media community that has thousands of users, explained how users use Reddit as a platform to connect with their community.

“Our main aim is to give you the information you need to be informed, and that you can rely on,” the post read.

“We are all Indians.

You have our opinions and beliefs, so we want you to feel comfortable with us.”

The post also explained how the platform is not intended for users who do not share their political views.

“We don’t allow political views, so if you don’t share your views, don’t come to the site,” the site wrote.

“If you are offended by the content, feel free to leave the site.

The site is not designed to be a platform for inciting violence or hate speech.”

While many people are likely to see the post as a simple attempt to justify why they are posting, the subreddit has sparked a lot of debate.

On Reddit, people have responded to the post by arguing that the subreddit is being censored, and also by arguing why it is necessary to censor information that may offend people.

“This subreddit is a good example of the importance of diversity on the internet,” said a post from user Srikanth.

“It’s a good reminder that diversity is not a luxury or an excuse to not speak out about something important.”

Other users have disagreed with the content and pointed out that the people posting are actually people who have a genuine interest in understanding how the information is being shared.

“Why are you so keen to share info on how we use the internet?

That’s your business,” one user wrote.”

Just like Reddit isnt a place for hate speech, this subreddit isnt meant for the discussion of whether or not we should ban people who are against us,” another user added.

“Reddit is a platform where you share your thoughts and opinions, not where you decide whether to ban people for their views.

I’m not sure why you are here and what you are interested in.””

This is not an excuse for you to do anything that is not in line with your values,” one person wrote.

While the community has been debating this question, others have pointed out other areas where r/India has been criticised.

For instance, a post on Reddit titled “The Truth Behind India’s Biggest Troll” accused people on r, which are mainly from India, of trying to “make India look bad.”

“The truth behind India’s biggest troll is that they were trolling the same Indians that are making India look worse, not making it worse,” it read.

“The trolls have also tried to get rid of our PM (PM Narendra Modi) in order to make India look better.

And they have succeeded.

And that’s not a good thing.”

Another user wrote that the site was “the most offensive of all time”.

“The internet is a huge playground for trolls, so how come we haven’t heard of this?” he asked.

“And why is the only thing you do to troll India so bad?

And how come you aren’t trolling other countries?””

You are the ones who are trolling us.

You are the people who make us look bad,” he added.

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