Why is Saudi Arabia so keen to sell its oil to Iran?

Why is Saudi Arabia so keen to sell its oil to Iran?

June 9, 2021 Comments Off on Why is Saudi Arabia so keen to sell its oil to Iran? By admin


The government says its policies are aimed at supporting a rising energy market.

But the reality is that its policies have been built on a mix of money, power and fear.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Saudi Arabia pumped about $3 billion per year into a handful of international oil companies, and it has since pumped an estimated $15 billion into foreign investors.

Today, Saudi Aramco is the world’s biggest oil company.

Its share price has risen from $12.80 to over $50 in recent years.

Even the government itself says its focus is on attracting foreign investment and not creating jobs in the country.

“It’s not about creating jobs,” said Ahmed al-Khel, the minister of industry and energy, in an interview.

“It’s about bringing back the oil revenues that have been lost.

And that is to say, the Saudis are not going to create jobs.”

The government, which has been spending billions on new and modern infrastructure, has spent billions of dollars on oil.

According to an Associated Press analysis, the country has lost about one-fifth of its crude production in the past five years.

The country’s current reserves of about 300 billion barrels of oil are about half what they were at the start of the decade.

Many Saudi Aramcos are privately held, so the government does not have to rely on foreign investors to buy its oil.

It is also unlikely that any foreign investors will be able to sell their stake in Aramco to Saudi Arabia, and so Saudi Arabia will be stuck with a huge debt load.

To fund its oil exports, the government has had to borrow money.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of oil in the world, and the debt-laden government has borrowed billions of US dollars to finance its foreign oil purchases.

But the government is not lending out to foreign investors at the same rate that it has been in the last few years, and that means it is losing money.

As a result, Saudi oil producers are feeling the pinch of the financial crisis in their own country.

“The financial squeeze is starting to be felt by Saudi Arabia,” said Alain Chaudry, an energy economist at the World Bank.

While some of the country’s largest companies have had to cut back on spending, others are making big profits. 

Saudi Arabia has been trying to revive its oil production through a mix.

It has announced a $1 billion oil refinery in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor.

Also, the kingdom has built new fields in the Eastern Province, which stretches from the Mediterranean coast to the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia is trying to build a new refinery in eastern Iran, too.

But it is far from complete, as the government faces political hurdles and is running out of money to pay for the project. 

The United States has also been helping the Saudis, sending billions of pounds of money.

It bought a 25 percent stake in a $4.5 billion Saudi AramCo refinery in Iraq in 2015, which is used to refine the countrys main exports.

After the government failed to produce enough oil, it announced a plan to buy up oil in Iraq and sell it to the world at a discounted price.

That is the plan that the Saudis have followed, and its been successful.

But now that the government’s plan to sell some of its oil overseas has failed, it is facing a big challenge.

The United Arab Emirates, which had been helping Saudi Arabia with oil exports for decades, is now pushing for a bilateral deal to export oil to the kingdom.

The UAE is also keen to develop the oil fields in Deir Ez-Zor. 

“We want to be a global producer,” the Saudi minister of energy, Mohammed bin Salman, told Reuters last month.

However, some analysts worry that the UAE will not only fail to produce the oil it wants to export, but will also find itself locked in a political struggle with Saudi Arabia.

For the Saudis and the UAE, the biggest threat to their oil output is the rise of Iran.

If Iran starts producing more oil, the UAE could face sanctions and other problems.

The UAE, which does not export oil, does not want to risk the diplomatic fallout from Iran’s growing oil output, according to an UAE official.

If Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries export more oil to Tehran, they will face greater competition from other producers in the region, he said.

With the oil price falling, Saudi’s oil exports to Iran are starting to decrease, and with the UAE’s demand for oil rising, the oil producers could start to lose more money on the investment they have made in oil. 

For Saudi Arabia to continue exporting oil, there needs to be more investment in the kingdom’s infrastructure. At

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